Krispy Kreme Challenge Recap

Yesterday was the 10th Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge. The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a race which raises money for the NC Children’s Hospital. This year $200,000 was donated! In the challenge, you run 2.5 miles, eat 12 doughnuts, and then run 2.5 miles to the finish and you must finish in less than a hour. It’s a really crazy race with costumes and a really fun atmosphere. People don’t take the race too seriously. You can also enter as a Casual runner meaning you don’t try to complete the “challenge” and still complete the run but don’t eat all the doughnuts and can carry them back with you. This was my 5th consecutive year of taking part in the Krispy Kreme Challenge. 015I ran the race with Margaret in tow. She is a really good race dog and is very well behaved in the crowds. She loves to run and just focuses on that once we get started. We got a lot of “cute dog” comments while we were running. Proud dog Momma right here!

At the halfway point, you come up to tables full of doughnut boxes with volunteers handing them out. I grabbed my box, found a place to sit, and started eating. I carry my own water in my CamelBak as my first year running, they only handed out those tiny bathroom sized cups of water and it was hard to get to and not nearly enough.

My strategy is to assume 10 minute miles which allows 10 minutes for eating doughnuts. We reached the doughnuts at 8:56 so I knew we had to leave at 9:06 at the latest.

I treated this as a team event and allowed Margaret to indulge in some doughnuts:021022023An oh-so-glamorous selfie:025I rarely eat doughnuts as they aren’t good for you so I always have a hard time stuffing my face with them as I’d rather take my time and savor the doughnut vs. just trying to eat them fast.

Once we polished off the doughnuts, it was time to run back! This is one of my favorite pictures from the race.029The way back is always rough as you are full of doughnuts. It’s funny to hear conversations of the runners around you commenting on how crappy they feel. You have to watch out for vomit piles on the way back!

According to the official results, we finished in 59:04 so we just squeezed in under the hour cut off!031Mile 1: 8:58

Mile 2: 8:49

.37 of a mile: 3:27

Doughnut eating…Garmin resets and doesn’t pick up where I stopped it and starts with a new mile…

Mile 3: 10:44

Mile 4: 9:30

. 41 of a mile in 3:46

Total: 4.78 miles in 45:17

The distance changed from 4 miles to 5 miles last year. In both years, my Garmin has tracked the distance as less than 5 miles so I feel like the course may not be fully accurate. It was supposed to rain Saturday morning and I was not looking forward to running and eating in a cold and wet rain. Luckily, the rain held off so we had a dry run. It was a great Krispy Kreme Challenge per usual and I’m looking forward to next year!

In case your wondering, the person who won finished in a time of 30:07 which includes eating the doughnuts! I cannot fathom running that fast!

When going on a car ride, Margaret loves to stand with her front feet on the console to get a better view. This is our normal car riding situation:034Have you competed in any crazy races?