First Cold Weather Run

Brrrr! It is cold outside! I would say tonight was my first true cold weather run of the winter season. As soon as I stepped outside and started running, I could feel the cold air come through the mesh on my running shoes and hit my toes. That is when it’s truly cold to me! To dress for the 39 degree weather, I wore a short sleeved running shirt, Athleta’s Half Mile Hoodie, and the Athleta Odyssey Chaturanga tight.

I topped off the outfit with gloves and a headband. This turned out to be the perfect combination for this chilly night. I was a little cold when we started but I warmed up quickly. By the end of our run, I had removed my gloves and unzipped my jacket halfway. The hoodie has brushed fleece on the inside and is made of a thicker material, it isn’t wind or water resistant. One of my favorite features about this jacket is the pocket on the back of the jacket. It has an open pouch, perfect for tucking gloves and a headband into, as well as a zipper pocket to safely store any keys, cellphone, etc.

We covered three miles (untimed as I left the Garmin behind) and I followed up the run with a 15 minute “leaner legs” workout using the Nike Training Club App on my phone. It was the perfect way to fit in a quick strength session after my run.

Is it cold where you are? When do you classify a run or outdoor workout as being truly chilly?