Easy Crockpot Applesauce Recipe

My parents brought me a big bushel of apples from their property in NY the last time they came to visit. Being a sucker for local and organic foods, I was thrilled to have such a plethora of homegrown pesticide and chemical free apples!  065Besides eating them, what could I do with them? Make homemade applesauce of course! I made applesauce with my mom every fall when I lived in NY. The taste is far superior to store bought applesauce and it has ruined me for anything but the homemade stuff. It is so easy to make! Here is my recipe for easy crockpot applesauce:

Just wash and cut your apples, discarding the core. Leave the skin on. The fill your crockpot to the brim with apples and add a small amount of water to cover the bottom. Set the crockpot to low and return to stir the apples every few hours until they are very soft and mushy. This generally takes 6-8 hours. You then set a food mill over a bow and ladle in the apples, leave any water or juice behind to avoid making your apple sauce too watery. Just turn the food mill handle and watch your applesauce come out. Easy peasy!

073Every so often the food mill will get some skin/seed remnants. Just back spin the food mill to dislodge and scoop the bits out. I only had to do this once or twice with my entire batch. If you don’t have a food mill, I would recommend this one. You can buy cheaper ones on Amazon but they didn’t have very good reviews. I really like the one we have.

072 070Once complete, you may add cinnamon or sugar to taste. I just added a little cinnamon. I filled up my jars with the applesauce and placed one in the refrigerator to eat and froze the rest. If freezing, make sure you leave a little room at the top to allow for expansion of the applesauce. It freezes well and tastes great several months later!

077 I told you that was easy! Go make some crockpot applesauce and let me know how yours turns out!