Doggie Date in Raleigh

Over the weekend I invited my sister and her dog, Maggie, on a doggie date with Hannah, Margaret, and I before Hannah went back to NY with my parents. We are self proclaimed crazy dog ladies and I am a-okay with that! We went walking on the greenway by her townhouse and covered around 4 miles. I had just gotten a pedometer and decided to test it out on the walk. It said we took 6500 steps.

I may be biased, but isn’t Margaret the cutest?! The dogs were just loving it out on the trail.

IMG_3269 IMG_3241We have water loving dogs so naturally they stopped to play in the water about four different times. The cold water did not deter them in the least.

IMG_3295 IMG_3294 IMG_3280Killing a stick. She is ferocious.



IMG_3332 IMG_3283We attempted a group photo using the self-timer on my camera. For your viewing pleasure…

IMG_3337 IMG_3334My sister took some shots of me running with Margaret. She is just grinning in this picture.

IMG_3323IMG_3329It was a great afternoon with our dogs. Thanks for joining me, Lisa!