Workouts Lately

Now that HIM training is over, I’ve fallen into a nice weekly workout routine that I am loving. I’m going to the gym at work on Monday’s and Wednesday’s for weight and strength training sessions. On one of the days I do a kettle bell workout.031I really enjoy those workouts and can tell I’m getting stronger as I’ve had to increase the weight for all the exercises. On the other day I do free weights and the weight machines. Each workout takes 30-45 minutes to complete so it’s easy to do during my lunch break.058I end most of my gym sessions with some planks for a strong core!060On Tuesday’s I hit the pool after work. I’ve been trying the Total Immersion way of swimming and have noticed an improvement with just a few sessions. I’ll post my thoughts once I’ve completed working through the book. My old swimsuit was pretty sad and saggy from all the chlorine so I finally treated myself to a new suite. I scored the same reversible style suit on sale that I already had, just a different color.037On Thursday’s I’ve been doing a 18-23 mile long bike ride. I’m really enjoying this distance being my “long” ride distance for now. Most days I ride with Team Luna Chix in Chapel Hill for their weekly group bike ride. They are a lot of fun and a great way to find new places to ride!024Friday’s are off and Saturday’s are run or brick workout days. On Sunday’s I either attend a yoga session or do a yoga workout of my own at the house. Working on my birds of paradise pose!053I like having a weekly schedule and not having to worry about getting in any crazy long workouts in this NC heat and humidity we’re having.

Do you like having a workout routine for the week or do you prefer to switch up your workouts and days?