Long Run & A New Restaurant

I had a great long run tonight! I had a lackluster 8 mile run last week with IT band pain and slow mile splits. I wasn’t excited for this week’s run and just wanted to get it out of the way. I fueled up with some fuel I didn’t use from last week’s long bike ride. I had the Honey Stinger Waffle before leaving the house as I was a tiny bit hungry. It was my first time trying their waffle and it was really good. I felt it was more substantial than gels or chews normally are. 036At 6.67 miles in, I used the island boost packet. It’s not a gel but a syrup like liquid that was quick to drink. It claims to be help your muscles from cramping and help your stomach avoid cramping/feeling nauseous. I often feel nauseous at the end of hard runs and didn’t have any issues after using this. I’d need to try it a few more times to decide if it was luck or really worked.025Gotta bust out the Camelbak for longer runs so I have water readily available. And it’s a nice way to carry fuel and my phone. I wore my new Run Durham shirt from Bull City Running and I love it! So cute and a flattering cut.024 023Margaret and I ran the 9 miles in 1:25 and I had very little IT band pain, just a twinge here and there. When we returned, I drank a new recovery drink mix that you add to milk. Yuck. It was all processed tasting and not very good. I will not be having that again and will be sticking to my usual chocolate milk. While forcing myself to drink it I foam rolled and stretched out.028 027When I walked in the door the husband suggested we have dinner out since we had both been busy working out and didn’t have anything prepped for dinner. We ended up at Harvest 18, a new restaurant in the Southpoint area. The chef has two other restaurants we love so we had a good feeling about this place and we were not disappointed. I started with their apple-vanilla bean sangria. How cute are those piggy salt and pepper shakers?030We split a salad with toasted pecans and local raw cow cheddar cheese. I like how they split the salad onto two plates when I mentioned we were splitting it.031My entree was a bone-in pork loin with roasted scallions and sweet potatoes. This dish was delicious. Whatever seasonings and dressings they used were spot on.032We will definitely be back! And a puppy love picture of Margaret and Hannah for your viewing pleasure. Hannah is our family dog and I have her for the month of April. 020