Getting Pregnant: Timing and Trying

The husband and I are big time planners so deciding to have a baby wasn’t anything we wanted to do by the seat of our pants! When we first started discussing having a baby in 2013 we threw out a date of January 2014 to start trying (because in the ideal world you get pregnant on your first try, right?!). Then we were invited to a wedding in Mexico in March and the husband wanted us to be able to really party it up and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was already pregnant. I then decided to take on the challenge of training for and completing the Raleigh Ironman 70.3 triathlon that year in June. So we settled on starting to try in June. At work I was there as a contractor basis but they decided to convert me over to a full time employee which was awesome but it meant I needed to review the maternity leave policy to see what it meant for me. I was converted over in April which meant that I wasn’t eligible to receive any paid maternity leave until April of 2015. We decided on October of 2015 to start trying to ensure that if I got pregnant right away and went into labor prematurely, I should still be fine to receive full benefits.007

So now that it was finally decided, it was time to go off birth control! I quit taking birth control in July figuring four months would be plenty of time for my body to regulate itself after going off birth control. I started to take prenatal vitamins but they made me really nauseous. I decided to hold off on taking them until I was actually pregnant since I already eat well and I felt I was getting enough nutrients from my diet. My cycles were really wonky and were 8-10 weeks long which made it very frustrating to predict when we should be trying and making me wonder if I was already pregnant. In December I decided to start taking ovulation tests to determine when I was ovulating. I started with the expensive digital tests but after blowing through what was supposed to be a two month supply in one month due to my long cycle, I switched to the cheapie Wondo test strips. Instead of a digital sign telling you if you’re ovulating, you look for a dark red line that matches the test line. I felt they were easy to use and read. We traveled to Florida for Christmas with my parents so I brought my testing supplies with me. My mom is a neat freak and I figured if I left them in the guest bathroom she would discover them while cleaning so every day I would poke my head out of the bedroom to make sure the coast was clear and sneak into the bathroom to test and then sneak everything back into our room after. Looking back it was pretty amusing!

In January, I went to the doctor to get checked out to make sure everything was okay. While there they gave me the option of having the husband’s sperm checked out as well. We decided to go ahead and have it checked out so we could rule out any issues. The great news is we both checked out! The main concern is that I didn’t appear to be ovulating. The doctor and I decided if I didn’t ovulate that month, I’d come in during my next cycle for a blood test to see if I really was ovulating or not. If not, then we would start Clomid during my next cycle to try to get me to ovulate. While it seems like we were jumping the gun with testing and talking about Clomid since we hadn’t been trying for a year yet, but I didn’t want to waste any time since it appeared I wasn’t ovulating. I also planned to make 2015 the year of the baby which means I was mentally prepared to take the year off from triathlon training and racing. I didn’t want to risk missing out on training and racing for two years if we had issues conceiving. The doctor was completely on board with the plan and understood my concerns.

In the meantime, I continued to test every day for ovulation. At the end of January, we traveled to Sweden. I didn’t want to risk missing ovulation while on our trip which meant I brought along my test strips and plastic pee cup on our international adventure! Turns out I didn’t need to have brought it but I kept on testing when we arrived home. On February 6th, the alarm went off, I tested and left the strip sitting out to develop, and got back in bed while Hani got up to shower. All of a sudden, he calls for me to come into the bathroom in a strange voice and I had a feeling about what he wanted…..the strip showed I was finally ovulating!!! Game on!

Sunshine VoxBox Review

I received the Sunshine VoxBox courtesy of Influenster to review. I loved everything in this box!20150718_163435I was really excited to try the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel wipes. I kept these in my gym bag to use post workout during my lunch our at work-no one wants to go back to work sweaty and stinky after a work out! They left my skin feeling fresh and they removed any trace of odor from my skin. I was put off by the odd smell of the wipes though. I think it may have been from the witch hazel in the wipes. You couldn’t smell it though once it dried and you were no longer using the wipe.

There was a battle over Blue Diamond Sriracha snack pouch at our house! I was only able to eat a small handful of these as my husband ate the rest! They were really tasty with just the right amount of spice without being too strong. We will definitely eat these again!20150722_204523We were also able to enjoy barkTHINS in the dark chocolate pretzel flavor. I love bark and this was no exception! We picked these up at Target using the coupon included in the box on a Saturday and they were gone by Monday! The pieces of bark were perfect for snacking. 20150808_162214There have been two products I’ve been really enjoying after swimming at the pool. I had been curious about the Vaseline spray moisturizer for awhile and was pumped to receive it in my box! It really is a no mess and quick way to apply lotion. You still need to rub it in after you apply it but it just takes a quick rub for it to absorb. This has been perfect after showering at the pool as the chlorine really dries out my skin. It’s not a heavy moisturizer though so I wouldn’t use this in the winter as my skin gets really dry and this wouldn’t be enough.

20150817_172826The Infusium 23 leave in conditioner has been a life saver for my hair post swim! It doesn’t make it greasy or oily but conditions and heals my hair! I just use a nickel sized amount in my hair post swim.

I also received a bottle of SinfulColors nail polish which I tested on my toes. I really liked the color and the coverage was great! I only needed one coat for full coverage. 20150817_121632This was my favorite box I’ve received from Influenster so far and I really enjoyed testing all of the different products!