Our Mexican Triathlon

It has been awhile since I posted! We were in Mexico for a wedding and then I just got lazy about posting when we returned. I’m going to start with some recaps of our trip and give you some updates on my training.

I love to get out and explore with excursions when we are on vacation and I was so excited to plan an excursion in Mexico! I booked us a half day adventure with Eco Ride in Puerto Vallarta. After booking it, I realized I had essentially booked us a triathlon: mountain biking, hiking, and swimming! The five hour tour was rated for beginner bikers and intermediate hikers.

We arrived at Eco Tours at 9 where we met our guide and picked up our bikes.037We biked over the rough cobblestone roads, on sidewalks, and dirt roads for about three miles. It was very different from my usual bike rides on smooth roads with my road bike. The cobblestone roads threw me around a lot and I was relieved when we got off of them. We left our bikes by a river and began our hike. IMG_0270After crossing the river twice, we were at the base of the mountain we would be climbing. At this point our guide said we would hike 1,000 vertical feet. I did not realize we would be doing so much hiking and didn’t dare look at my husband as I was sure he’d be shooting me death glares for signing us up for such craziness! The mountain was very steep and a constant climb. 052Once we reached the top, we were rewarded with gorgeous views. In the below picture, you can see Puerto Vallarta in the background which is where we started our adventure. IMG_0272We then started back down the other side to reach the water. The way down was less steep and on wider dirt roads. We then reached our destination: a private waterfall and swimming hole only reached by the path we took.IMG_0312It was perfect. The water was cool, refreshing, and crystal clear. We dove right in to play! (and were careful not to drink any!)IMG_0275 The waterfall had a very strong current so I had to swim very hard to get up close to it and then it would push you away when you stopped swimming.IMG_0305IMG_0309IMG_0284We had such a blast playing in the water and having it to ourselves made it so nice. After swimming, we dried off and had some snacks before starting our trek back. We hiked back up the mountain and I could really feel my leg muscles getting a workout. We then had to go back down the very steep mountainside. It was so steep in some parts that I was side stepping down. Our guide said he often takes people mountain biking on the same trail. I cannot imagine biking down the same path we were hiking on!051There were also some random cows hanging out by the river.IMG_0269I really enjoyed getting out of the touristy area of Mexico and actually getting to see different parts of the city and how people live. It was very rural and undeveloped. We were so dirty after our adventure I could not wait to shower. My socks were coated in dirt from the hike.042The husband was wearing one of those fitness tracking watches and it said we took 20,000 steps that day! To take pictures, I used a Canon Powershot waterproof camera. I’ve used it a handful times underwater and have always been happy with the quality of pictures. After swimming, I went to use the camera again and it would not turn on and I could see water inside of the lens. I let it dry for a few days and it refuses to turn back on. Turns out the camera is not so waterproof :(

I was unsure what to wear originally as I wanted to be comfortable for the hiking/biking but also be able to go swimming. I ended up wearing a string bikini with a sports bra over the swim top with shorts and a tank top. After we were done swimming, I pulled on my sports bra and then untied the bikini top and slipped it off. I then did the same with my shorts and bikini bottoms. I was comfortable the entire day and it worked out really well.

It was a great excursion and I would definitely recommend Eco Ride if you are in the Puerto Vallarta area looking for an adventure!