Sunshine VoxBox Review

I received the Sunshine VoxBox courtesy of Influenster to review. I loved everything in this box!20150718_163435I was really excited to try the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel wipes. I kept these in my gym bag to use post workout during my lunch our at work-no one wants to go back to work sweaty and stinky after a work out! They left my skin feeling fresh and they removed any trace of odor from my skin. I was put off by the odd smell of the wipes though. I think it may have been from the witch hazel in the wipes. You couldn’t smell it though once it dried and you were no longer using the wipe.

There was a battle over Blue Diamond Sriracha snack pouch at our house! I was only able to eat a small handful of these as my husband ate the rest! They were really tasty with just the right amount of spice without being too strong. We will definitely eat these again!20150722_204523We were also able to enjoy barkTHINS in the dark chocolate pretzel flavor. I love bark and this was no exception! We picked these up at Target using the coupon included in the box on a Saturday and they were gone by Monday! The pieces of bark were perfect for snacking. 20150808_162214There have been two products I’ve been really enjoying after swimming at the pool. I had been curious about the Vaseline spray moisturizer for awhile and was pumped to receive it in my box! It really is a no mess and quick way to apply lotion. You still need to rub it in after you apply it but it just takes a quick rub for it to absorb. This has been perfect after showering at the pool as the chlorine really dries out my skin. It’s not a heavy moisturizer though so I wouldn’t use this in the winter as my skin gets really dry and this wouldn’t be enough.

20150817_172826The Infusium 23 leave in conditioner has been a life saver for my hair post swim! It doesn’t make it greasy or oily but conditions and heals my hair! I just use a nickel sized amount in my hair post swim.

I also received a bottle of SinfulColors nail polish which I tested on my toes. I really liked the color and the coverage was great! I only needed one coat for full coverage. 20150817_121632This was my favorite box I’ve received from Influenster so far and I really enjoyed testing all of the different products!

Meal Planning

When the new year starts, many people make resolutions to eat healthier or exercise more. I wanted to share some of my healthy eating tactics. I don’t follow the method of counting calories and prefer to focus on creating healthy home cooked meals that focus on local organic produce. I like to plan 4-5 meals for the week so we have flexibility with leftovers or going out to eat on the weekend. We normally make dinners that have four portions so we have leftovers to for lunch at work the next morning. By planning our meals in advance we can avoid multiple trips to the grocery store, save money by taking advantage of sales, and avoid the pitfalls of being tired or stressed midweek and just buying or making something that’s unhealthy or processed.

I start shopping for the week by going to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. If I have any meals in mind for the coming week I buy the meat/produce that I need. If I don’t have anything planned, I walk around and buy what looks good to me. 715In this shopping trip I purchased boston butt (pork shoulder), two pounds of ground meat, broccoli rabe, scallions, swiss chard, and kale. All of this cost $40 (the meat is the most expensive).

From there I look at the grocery store ad and finalize our meals for the week.

We made a delicious dish on Sunday night: broiled steak with stir fried noodles. It’s a recipe from Cook Smarts that is a subscription based weekly recipe service so I can’t share the recipe but it was amazing! I recommend signing up for the service, it really helps with meal planning and keeps you from getting in a food rut!005Monday night we made a recipe for a sriracha pulled pork. I wasn’t a fan of the recipe and the dish turned out okay but not outstanding like I had been hoping. We also made broccoli rabe as our vegetable.009On Tuesday night the husband had the great idea to repurpose the pulled pork into tacos. Genius!012On Wednesday night we had to eat dinner at my in-laws so we didn’t cook. On Thursday we made slow cooker Mexican meatballs served over rice. Recipe is from Cook Smarts.  020Friday night was our meatless meal of the week. We made vegetable enchiladas that re-purposed the meatball slow cooker sauce as the enchilada sauce. 001This meal was really good for a meatless meal. The husband isn’t always excited to eat a meatless meal but he liked this dish so much he ate it for lunch the next day and kept asking for bites of mine so I know it was a winner! Will definitely make this again.

For a healthy breakfast I either have cereal (Cheerios or Kashi are my favorites) or oatmeal. I make a smoothie or have a piece of fruit for a mid-morning snack. 010With a little bit of planning on the weekends you can create a week’s worth of healthy and delicious meals that work with your nightly schedule!