Rex Wellness Sprint Triathlon Knightdale Recap

Last Sunday I complete my final triathlon of the season, the final race in the Rex Wellness Triathlon Series presented by FSSeries. This race occurred in Knightdale.

The race was extra special since the husband came along! I think I used up all of my spouse cheering support during the Raleigh HIM this year so he has been sleeping in on my other race days. Since this was the last tri of the season he came out to support me. 10393769_10152786012584137_4008418616338093591_nI was worried before starting the race as my stomach had been hurting since the night before. It was a come and go pain but I didn’t feel nauseous or the need to go to the bathroom so there was no way to get it out of my system and I just had to hope it would go away. While we were a few miles away from the exit I suddenly really needed to go to the bathroom. Of course we were in the car on a highway with no where to go. We found a Lowe’s foods where I was able to dash in and use their bathroom. Tummy crisis averted! Whew! Due to my tummy issues I didn’t fuel before the race like I normally do. I only had a child’s applesauce squeeze pouch about 40 mins before starting and 1/2 package of Clif Shot Blocks immediately before starting along with some water.

It was in the 50′s so it was cold but not nearly as cold as the Ramblin Rose. I started my swim about 30 minutes after the race start. It was a nice warm salt water pool. The swim was perfect as I didn’t get stuck behind anyone slower than me and no one passed me so I was able to swim at my own pace.snagit2┬áIt was a short run to transition wear I took the time to put on a windbreaker before starting the bike leg.IMG_0154The bike course wasn’t my favorite as it didn’t feel like a fast course and it seemed like we were constantly going uphill. I wasn’t hitting the bike splits I was hoping to hit. And every single man who passed me on the bike course never said “on your left” which is common etiquette among cyclists. I almost hit one guy as he whizzed passed me as I was drifting to the left and didn’t hear him coming. I don’t think it’s that hard to take a breath to say “on your left” when passing someone. When I passed another female and called out “on your left” she even made a comment about how none of the men were saying it. Not sure why they wouldn’t say it but it was annoying and unsafe. On the bike course I was passed by about 8 men and no women passed me.snagit4I ran into transition and did a quick change into running shoes and I removed my windbreaker for the run.

The run course was a 2 mile out and back through a neighborhood. It had some hills but nothing too bad. IMG_8773My stomach didn’t feel nauseous like it usually does so I kicked it into high gear at the finish line.snagit5 image001After finishing I found the husband to wait on the results and for a friend to finish. Heather finished shortly after I did and we admired our awesome medals we received for completing all three races in the Rex Wellness Series!031033In the first two races of series I took second place in my AG and I had made it my goal to take first place in the final race to end out the year. Well, how did I do?

I took first place! Wahoo! My first ever AG win!

Net Time
Overall : 118 / 351
Gender : 17 / 138
Categ : 1 / 17
Race No: 149
Gender: Female
Category: Ages 30 – 34
Age: 30
Status: Finished
City: Durham
State: NC
Overall : 111
Gender : 26
Categ : 3
Overall : 134
Gender : 17
Categ : 1
Overall : 135
Gender : 28
Categ : 4

I was so proud to have achieved my goal and finally be on top of the podium!034The AG awards are nice little glass cups.032It was a great way to finish out the triathlon season and I can’t wait to do the series next year!